Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wheesung Discography

Cover of Wheesung's Love... Love...? Love...!

Wheesung 1st album
Wheesung 2nd album
Wheesung 3rd album
Wheesung 4th album

Wheesung (Korean: 휘성, born Choi, Whee-Sung, 최휘성, February 5, 1982) is a Korean R&B singer. Wheesung began his career in 1999 with the short lived Korean boy band, A4. He left after the band's first album debut, citing musical differences between himself and the other members of the band.

After being released from A4, he signed onto M Boat, the sister company to YG Entertainment. He underwent a few years of vocal training under the label and released his first solo album Like A Movie in 2002. The album became very popular after receiving praise from many well-known artists, including Seo Taiji and Shin Seung Heun. In 2003, he released his second album, It's Real. To date, he has released five solo albums and has collaborated with many artists, including Se7en, M-Flo, and Masta Wu.

Wheesung left YG Entertainment after his contract expired in March 2006. He is now under the Orange Shock label. Although he has left YG, he is on good terms with the company. He also helped train some of the members Big Bang.

He's expected to undertake his mandatory military service on 29 November 2007.


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