Monday, October 1, 2007

Seo Taiji Discograhy

Seo Taiji 1st album
Seo Taiji 2nd album
Seo Taiji 3rd album
Seo Taiji Live 2000/2001 album

Seo Tai-ji (Jeong Hyeon-cheol 정현철, born on February 21, 1972) is a legendary South Korean singer and musician. He is one of the most prominent and influential cultural icons in Korea. The level of his popularity in Korea during the 1990s were comparable to that of Michael Jackson in the mid-1980s.

Watch Out video, Left to right: Rock (offscreen), Sang Uk, Heff (background), Seo Taiji, Top

Seo Taiji & Boys 1st album
Seo Taiji & Boys 2nd album
Seo Taiji & Boys 3rd album
Seo Taiji & Boys 4th album

After the break up of Sinawe in 1991, Tai-ji switched gears and formed the dance group Seo Tai-ji & Boys (서태지와 아이들) with dancers Lee Ju-no (이주노) and Yang Hyeon-seok (양현석).

The introduction of the first Seo Tai-ji and Boys album announced a complete shift in the focus of popular Korean music that is still felt today. Their first single, "Nan Arayo" (난 알아요, "I Know") was a hugely successful hit, being one of the first songs in K-Pop to meld contemporary dance sounds with urban-influenced rap lyrics.

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