Friday, October 5, 2007

Uptown Discography

Uptown 1st album
Uptown 2nd album

Uptown 4th album
Uptown 5th album

Uptown (업타운) is a South Korean hip hop and R&B group which first debuted in 1997. Uptown was first created in 1996 when the R&B and hip-hop genres of pop music were first introduced to Korea[1]. The group's four original members included Chris Jung, Carlos Galvan, Steve Kim and Tasha Reid. The group underwent several lineup changes and then disbanded in 2000.

The group made a comeback and released their new album, Testimony in May of 2006. Steve Kim, Carlos Galvan and Chris Jung returned to the group with only Tasha Reid, the only original member not in the lineup. The female spot in the group was originally given to half-Korean half-African American rapper Say. However the position eventually went to teenage artist Jessica H.o. who was featured in their new album, Testimony.

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