Monday, October 1, 2007

NRG Discography

NRG 3rd album
NRG 4th album
NRG 5th album
NRG 6th album
NRG 7th album

NRG is Korean hip hop and dance boyband. NRG is the acronym for New Radiancy Group. Originally a five-member group, then became a 3 member group when the leader Lee Sungjin left for his pursue of acting and as an announcer and Chun Myong hoon left for music producing.

After the not so popular group of 3, the old members returned for the next fourth album, but after the death of Kim Hwan Sung in 2000 the group was down to 4 members. With the 4 members, they had a hit success on their 5th album and later 6th album but after the departure of Moon Sung Hoon in 2005, it is now a three-member group again.

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