Friday, October 5, 2007

Taebin Discography

Taebin Vol.1 - Taebin Of 1TYM Download


  1. I'll let you go
  2. The Reason Why I Close My Eyes (내가 눈을 감는 이유)
  3. Geu Ddae Neun Sarang Eul Haet Uht Na (Remake Keep6 'Bi Geuk')
  4. Gwaen Cha Nah
  5. Interlude
  6. Don't Stop (feat. Perry)
  7. J'ung Dohl (feat. Se7en)
  8. Real Luv Story (feat. Se7en, Wheesung)
  9. Sarang Hal Soo It Gae (feat. Kim Ji Eun)
  10. B'Cuz I Love You
  11. Ga Ji Ma Jae Bahl
  12. TaBu (feat. Teddy)
  13. Suh Ro Ga Suh Ro Reul (feat. 1TYM)
  14. One Love (Acoustic Version) (feat. 1TYM)
  15. Without You (Bonus Track) (feat. 1TYM)
Danny Im (Hangul: 대니 임), also known by his Korean name Taebin (태빈), is a Korean singer and the youngest member of the Korean hip hop group 1TYM and YG Family. Born on May 6, 1980, he debuted as part of 1TYM in 1998. On June 12, 2004 he released his first solo album under the name Taebin. Using Danny during his 1TYM days, he is known for his smooth R&B vocals, and often performs with his friend and fellow k-pop artist SE7EN. Taebin speaks both English and Korean fluently.

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