Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lee Soo Young Discography

Lee Soo Young 1st album
Lee Soo Young 2nd album
Lee Soo Young 3rd album
Lee Soo Young 4th album
Lee Soo Young 5th album
Lee Soo Young 6th album
Lee Soo Young 7th album

Lee Soo Young (born Lee Ji Yeon, April 12, 1979 in Seoul) is a Korean ballad singer. She made her debut in 1999 in Korea with the smash hit “I Believe.” Currently, she has seven released albums and four mini-albums (labeled as Holiday in Lombok, Classic, As Time Goes By, An Autumn Day) and sang six OSTs.

She’s recognized in Korea for her powerful voice and although she rarely appears in her own music videos, she has earned a lot of popularity. She has also recently appeared on a number of variety shows, displaying her sense of humour and her ability to be comical and carefree, adding to her popularity. Today she is considered one of Korea’s most famous and accomplished ballad singers.

She released her seventh album, Grace, on January 21, 2006. It performed very well, able to shoot straight to the top of the charts. The popularity of the album led to a limited edition(repackage) release of Grace, of which only 30,000 copies were produced.

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