Saturday, September 22, 2007

Drunken Tiger Discography

Drunken Tiger 1st album
Drunken Tiger 2nd album
Drunken Tiger 3rd album
Drunken Tiger 4th album
Drunken Tiger 5th album
Drunken Tiger 6th album

Drunken Tiger (드렁큰타이거) is a Korean hip-hop group that now has only one member, Tiger JK. The group started as a duo, with Tiger JK and DJ Shine, and debuted in 1999 with its first album, The Year of the Tiger. Other hip-hop artists, such as James (also known as DJ Jhig), Micky Eyes, and Roscoe, have also been associated with the group, but Tiger JK and DJ Shine were normally credited as being the main members of Drunken Tiger. DJ Shine left Drunken Tiger in 2005 after its fifth album, [하나하면 너와 나](2004), for personal reasons, and Tiger JK has been gone on as a solo act, successfully releasing a sixth album and seventh album, as well as several singles.

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