Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lee Ji Hoon Discography

Lee Ji Hoon 1st album
Lee Ji Hoon 2nd album
Lee Ji Hoon 3rd album
Lee Ji Hoon 4th album
Lee Ji Hoon 4.5 album
Lee Ji Hoon 5th album

ee Ji-hoon made his debut in the local pop music scene in 1996 when he was still in high school. His debut number "Why the Heaven" recorded an instant hit, putting him on top of the local pop charts and making Lee one of the steady-selling singers. However, Lee had not been able to release a solo album since his 4.5th album released in February 2001. Instead of performing on stage as a solo singer, he and Kangta formed a project group called the "S" with their close singer friend, Shin Hyesung.

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