Saturday, September 22, 2007

H.O.T Discography

HOT 1st album
HOT 2nd album
HOT 3rd album
HOT 4th album
HOT 5th album

H.O.T.was a popular five-member South Korean boy band of the late 1990s. The five-member boy band, who played various instruments, enjoyed massive success alongside the likes of Sechs Kies, Fin. K.L., S.E.S. and Shinhwa. Like many Korean bands, their name is an acronym - H.O.T. standing for "High-five Of Teenagers". Before their disbandment they dominated the charts, setting the standard for other Kpop boybands. They were formed by SM Entertainment in 1996 and disbanded in 2001.


mortie said...

Hi, thanks for uploading these albums!

Question, I have this mixtape from a long time ago and there's a (Korean) song on there that I'd like to know who sang the song.

If I send you a clip of it, can you tell the group that sang it and the title of the song?

luxam9 said...

excuse me, the files in zhare does not work anymore
Could you fix it?

- said...

Hi :)

Thanks for uploading these albums ^^
Been searching on the net for quite a while. Thank you very much, love you <3

KINISHA said...

hi can you upload these again lol i'd really appreciate it