Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lee Jung Hyun Discography

Lee Jung Hyun 1st album
Lee Jung Hyun 2nd album
Lee Jung Hyun 3rd album
Lee Jung Hyun 4th album
Lee Jung Hyun 5th album
Lee Jung Hyun 6th album

Lee Jung-hyun (born March 13, 1980 in Taegu, South Korea) is a Korean pop singer and actress. Before releasing her first solo music she featured as a guest vocalist on the Jo PD single "Fever", also appearing in the music video. [1]

Her early solo work is techno-style dance music. Her first single, Wa (와, "Come") topped the Korean charts for three weeks, while her third, Bakkwo (바꿔, "Change") won awards for Best Song and Most Broadcast Song. With her fifth album, Passion, she changed to a Latin style of music, complete with Spanish Guitar and flamenco-style tap dance.

Many of her songs are sung in an angry mood, from the point of view of a rejected lover.

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