Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jewelry Discography

Jewelry 1st album
Jewelry 2nd album
Jewelry 3rd album
Jewelry 4th album

Jewelry (쥬얼리) is a popular Korean girl group that has recorded songs in both Korean and Japanese. Their Korean debut was in 2001 with their first album Discovery. After a less-than-stellar first album, two of the singers were replaced. A year later, their second album Again was released, with better results.

Full of strong ballads (as opposed to the sexy dance songs that were popular at the time), the album quickly yielded two high-charting singles -- "Tonight" and "Again" -- which started the group's rise to popularity. This was quickly followed by their third album Beloved, which saw a continuation of their cute image. However, this image was heightened to the point of exaggeration.

Their first single "니가 참 좋아" (I Really Like You) was very poppy and had Jewelry adopt a cutesy concept to match the song, with colorful outfits and perky dances. This single was popular, but their followup single failed to chart as strongly as their previous ones.

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Unknown said...

It would be awesome if you could reupload this in another server... since it's old, it's so hard to find, Jewelry was an awesome group, it's so sad that they disbanded. Thank You ^^